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  1. Hi Cindi, sorry I’ve been so tardy getting to this but here’s what I would be interested in ordering for March 9th (I’d collect on March 8th).
    4 dozen mini-cupcakes – say 1 dozen each of peanut butter explosion, chocolate, lemon, red velvet (but I think lemon and red velvet maybe don’t work unless filled and I assume we’re not filling mini cupcakes).
    I’m super flexible about flavors so let me know what you think would work well. I know these would be small but would you be able to put some sort of rugby thing on there, I’m thinking a ball would be simplest (we have boys and girls playing so it has to be unisex!).
    Again I’m super flexible so if you have a better idea, let me know 🙂
    And finally, what would be the price?
    Thanks so much, very excited,

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